myEventConnect is Florida Bound!   |   February 28, 2013

We are excited to launch myEventConnect in Florida! Our journey in the sunshine state has just begun, we are eager to see the expansion unfold and watch myEventConnect grow. We know the frustration of wanting to find the perfect event efficiently for the senior population is universal. It’s so encouraging to hear the happy responses our senior event planners in Florida have given us. We are thrilled to be such a welcomed and celebrated resource in their community!

FUNdamental 1: Exercising the Full Lung Capacity   |   February 8, 2013

With a New Year comes the opportunity to get creative. So…let’s go for it! The 1st myEventConnect-FitXpress blog provided an overview of what we call the FUNdamentals of FUNctional FITness. If you missed it…please look back in an effort to familiarize yourself. Consider introducing these fundamentals to your residents/patients (R/Ps) as you come to understand them yourself…1-at-a-time in the coming months. A building block approach such as this will allow R/Ps to gradually incorporate healthy habits that will work together serve to not only improve functional fitness, but quality of life.

JFK Assassination: The Mystery and Legend   |   February 2, 2013

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is a major event in history, one that is etched in our memories. The murder of the president continues to be a source…

Apollo: Why We Went to the Moon   |   

July 1969 will be remembered for centuries to come as the first time that mankind ventured beyond the earth’s boundaries and explored a new world. More than 500 million people…