Helping Seniors Engage with Technology for Better Well-Being   |   May 16, 2013

In a world where many people are separated from loved ones by great distances, people are increasingly relying on technology to stay in touch with friends and family. This poses a special challenge for the senior community, as only 53% of seniors today actively engage with the internet. This means that nearly half of seniors are missing out on a huge opportunity to enrich their lives and stay connected with family and friends. See great ideas to make this happen…

2nd Annual Golf Tournament   |   May 3, 2013

This is a golf tournament to raise money to help Veterans fix their homes. We fix homes for Veterans that can’t afford to fix them themselves. It will be at…

“Vaudeville From A Valise”   |   May 2, 2013

Our show is a variety act of comedy bits, vaudeville pieces, music, magic, juggling and more! It’s a fun and wonderfully entertaining show. Your residents will love it! We know…

kingtrump   |   May 1, 2013

up beat fun music sing trumpet guitar 10 years+ see web site

Name That Tune Trivi   |   

We provide from 1 to 4 hours of entertainment including dance music as well as a Name That Tune Trivia Game show.