Enriching Seniors’ Lives through Mobile Apps   |   October 25, 2013

In this past, we’ve talked about how activity directors can help seniors engage with technology for better well-being (http://myeventconnect.com/helping-seniors-engage-technology-well-being/). Today, we’re proving some suggestions for specific tablet and smartphone apps that can enrich and enliven your seniors’ lives.
As we become more aware of the myriad of useful applications of touch-screen technologies, many assisted living facilities are making technology such as iPads or other similar tablets available to seniors. In addition to increasing options for entertainment, or staying in contact with friends and family, tablet use has been found to boost seniors’ memory, mobility, social skills, and health. Whether you’re able to provide this technology to your residents, or you know a couple tech-savvy seniors who own their own tablet or smartphone, here are some suggestions for apps to get them excited about technology.